The Estrela Mountain Dog

There are a number of uncommon dog breeds. These include the Estrela Mountain dog which is only found in Portugal. The dog has two types of coat that resembles goat’s hair texture. The Estrela Mountain dog has the following unique features.


Long Coat

The Estrela Mountain dog has a thick and coarse outer coat which lies close over its body. The body might be slightly waved, flat, but not curly. The dog’s undercoat is dense and lighter in color compared to its outer coat. The dog has smooth and short head.

The front side of its legs has long hair. In addition, the dog has air on the ears which diminish in length from the base to the tip of the ear. The dog has also long hair on the neck, the tail, the buttocks, and on the back side of its legs.

This results into a ruff at the neck and breeches on the backs of the legs, the buttocks, and feathering on the tail. The Estrela Mountain dog is the only dog with such long coat.

Short Coat

The dog has a unique outer coat which is thick, short, and coarse. In addition, the dog has a dense undercoat.


The Estrela Mountain dog has fawn, yellow, and wolf gray color. It might also have white markings or black shadings throughout the coat.


Mature female and male Estrela Mountain dogs have different but desirable height.

A mature male dog is between 25 – 28 inches tall while a mature female Estrela Mountain dog is between 24 – 27 inches tall. In addition, a mature male dog in a good working condition weighs between 88 and 110 pounds while a mature female dog in its good working condition weighs 66 and 88 pounds.

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The Estrela Mountain Dog is large but fast. The dog is also calm but fearless implying that it can react to danger. Such temperament makes it an exceptional watchdog and an excellent guard dog.

It is also loyal, faithful, and intelligent to those it knows. Such features make the Estrela Mountain Dog one of uncommon dog breed.

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